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Your ad like no other !
Everything is possible ! (almost everything ...)
Combine multiple options  : - several flags
                                              - trailer and flag
                                              - ...

Or give free rein to your imagination and tell us about your craziest idees.
We analyse each and every project to give you the most accurate solution for your ad !
Feel free to contact us using the contact form and we'll discuss about all the possibilities given by the bicycle advertising.
The options shown on this website are just examples of the the possibilities offered by our bike. Then, regarding to your needs and budget, we can increase enven more the visibility of your business

        For example : - Lights effect during the night
               - light on the wheels
                    - interactive advertising
                - luminous backpack
Attention ! Toute commande spéciale requiert un délai supplémentaire afin d'analyser la faisabilité du projet ! Soyez prévoyants !
For our non-business offers: