Anglais (US)Anglais (US)
Your ad like no other !
Our options
Combo and +
For all type of marketing campaign.
Two different displays avalaible :

- Frame with poster

- Structure with mesh banner
Be creative and set your mind free... Combine our options and discovers our extras !
Contact us if you have a special project in mind. It will be a pleasure to discuss with you and check what's possible.
Very good visibility offered by the hight of the poles .
Avalaible in two types :

- "Back-pack" flag

- "Beach flag" on the bike
For us,PubAvelo, the most important is to focus all the attention on your brand and your company...

Liberty and flexibility
You decide where, when and for how long your campaign take place...
Pricing by hour, day, week,... Ask for a quote in the CONTACT page.
Tracking and route by GPS avalaible every day for control and/or modification.
"Social networks" campaign : picture of your ad on our bike in the streets published = gift, coupon
For our non-business offers: