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Your ad like no other !
Welcome to PubAvelo!
If you are here, it's probably because you`ve seen our mobile advertising bike in the street of Quebec city ! 
In this case, you already know what we do !
Discover all our options, you`ll probably find something wich fits to your business !

If you never saw us in the streets, let's take a tour on our site... 

PubAvélo is a young start-up from Quebec city. Our job is to make people talk about your business. We do it in a different, economical and ecological way !

How ?


Advantages ? - Offer a special visibility to your business, your brands, your product, ...
                                 - You can reach a lot more people than with a classic advertising.   
                              - A new eyecatching way to advertise, everybody will turn around !
                                               - Acces to areas where only a bike can go (pedestrial street, street festival,...)
What's our promise ? :
- Attractive prices                                                                                                                                                                                        
- Very flexible offer to answer any of  your mobile advertising needs.                    
>>          Just take a tour of our site and discover all the options that we are proposing ...         <<
With us you will give to your brand the opportunity of spredind into Quebec city's streets .
Let's unleash the power of the bycicle mobile advertsing !
For our non-business offers: